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Begin Again

As the new year rolled in, I couldn't help but revisit the tumultuous year that was now behind us. For millions, the losses were significant, the isolation was overwhelming, and the new norms had taken a toll. "Happy New Year" seemed so distant from my lips as I responded traditionally, knowing in my heart that this salutation was far from the truth for the entire world. As I continued to ponder the season and pray for the nation, God spoke to me through a sermon that I taught years ago entitled "Begin Again."

In 1Kings 19, The Prophet Elijah finds himself under the Juniper tree, afraid, feeling alone, and asking God to end his life. In those moments of despair, God sent an angel to minister to him by allowing him to rest and take in what was necessary to complete his journey. Like many of us, Elijah found himself in an emotional space framed by his own reasoning and understanding of what was happening to and around him. From this, we can conclude that there will be seasons where everyone will end up under the Juniper tree. When we find ourselves there, we must remember that leaning to our own understanding and walking in our own wisdom has the power to take us deeper into hopelessness. It is only when we invite God into those moments, and we are honest with Him about how we feel, that He can then send help to strengthen us and give us the courage to Begin Again.

A Prayer

God, I thank you for the life of every person reading this blog. I ask that you heal them from every wound of their heart and soul. I know that you love them and desire to make sense of their individual circumstances. So Father, in this hour, I ask that you shine the light of Christ on every area of darkness. Allow them to see you in ways that they've never seen before. I release the word over their lives found in Genesis 50:20, that what the enemy meant to harm and destroy them, you would, in turn, make it good so that many would be saved and blessed by their stories. I thank you in advance that they will stand again! They will smile again, and they will testify of the healing power of Jesus Christ!

Until next time

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